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Hello, I am here to promote something I think you all would be interested in, Emerald Girls.

What is an Emerald Girl? Well, that's easy. An Emerald Girl has her own style, beauty, and a lot of questions about life. She is getting ready to face the word, and may not have it all but she has it altogether.

Emerald Girls is a magazine which focuses on Beauty, Self-Esteem, and Overall Health ( along with many articles of particular interest. ) We cover all three of these points through Workshops, The Emerald Book Publication, and our Emerald Girls Store.

Join now and receive information on our workshops ( the workshops let you get one on one with a make-up artist, and they listen to you and help you create the look that YOU want. There's way more then that too, with every workshop you get free makeup and beauty products, a chance to create your own looks, a chance to discuss problems with beauty and skin care, a chance to make new friends, and lots of fun. ) We are working on holding several locations all across the country to better reach our members.

Check out our livejournal news board at Emerald Girls LJ

Also, sign up for the Emerald Girls Publication as well as our Message Board ( which our Beauty, Health, and Fitness editors plan to be on as well ) at

Free stuff, and sponsorship provided by EmeraldGirls Cosmetics, Jaqua Beauty, Girlactik, and Asira Cosmetics ( hot, new sophisticated brand coming soon )
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